We often wonder about the meaning of Italian style, how this has changed over time and what it currently means around the world.  It is something that we as Italians are aware of, but that we really begin to appreciate when we are abroad, where Italy is recognised as the country of the “Dolce Vita”, of food and traditions.

The expression contains something magnetic that has always fascinated and continues to fascinate millions of people.
And we as MIRA Hotels try to convey this something in our Resorts.

In our accommodation facilities, located from north to south around Italy – currently in Valsesia, Lake Garda, Salento, and Sicily – colours, flavours and people change, region by region, always Italian but colourful.

Our goal is to make our guests experience a true Italian hospitality, between nature, wellness, and sport, where local customs and traditions maintain a strong identity, as proud as its inhabitants and those who keep there their family roots.

Of course, Italian culture is not only cooking: we are real people who make you smile, we are able to make you forget your problems with a joke or a song. We like to perceive the value of the details, of the little things that make the difference.

If we could compare Italy to a painting, this would surely be coloured in an uneven but enchanting, chaotic, and full of characters way. But it would have its own light.

The reason for visiting Italy is often to discover the places of this beautiful country, immerse yourself in local culture and traditions and live a 360-degree experience.

It is very difficult to go home without taking at least one memory with you.

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