As soon as you arrive in Valsesia, along a road with no hairpin bends and surrounded by dense vegetation, you can smell the scent of wild and pure nature. Small churches and typical stone buildings follow the river that gurgles mountain melodies and tells the story of the mythical Walser people.

Along the way you are stunned by the little houses with walls inserted into the rock, as if nature wanted to remember that it cannot be dominated. In Alagna Im Land you enter another dimension: at the foot of Monte Rosa, time seems to have stopped when stone, wood and the warmth of a fire gave rest to the travellers coming from the North.

Here you find Alagna Experience Resort, a MIRA Hotel that praises the wild and chic spirit of the location. A few steps away is the paved road of the small and charming village, with Snow White’s house, so called because it seems to evoke the atmosphere of a fairy tale.

Nearby you can take the Walser Strosse, a walking path between period houses, with the typical stone base and dark wooden balconies, with colourful flowers overlooking small vegetable gardens.  If you look up, you can admire the majesty of Monte Rosa. Take the ski lift go to the top to enjoy three ski and trekking areas.

Wild chic is a leitmotif, from rafting to free riding, from paragliding to fishing, from cycling to hiking. “Warning! Beware of wild animals!” – warns the sign. You can breathe here a clean air and feel a calm serenity, where the poetry of stone dominates, even more enchanting.

Let yourself experience hotel life, as if you were a guest in an elegant hut. This is the feeling you get in the comfortable suites of Alagna Experience Resort. The external architecture of the building celebrates the spirit of the place, chic and wild, with the typical stone and wood construction and the structure of a mountain village. A central street leads to the four residences, distributing the internal and external space in a functional and poetic way.

Enjoy a breath-taking view from any balcony or window. You immediately understand that you are not there for a stay, but for an experience. An experience made of the scent of wood, an exclusive breakfast directly in suite brought inside a rustic box, the warmth of the swimming pool overlooking the mountain, the pink sunset that touches the peaks.

A resort where you feel romance in the evening, through the lights that decorate the pitches of the roofs. Enjoy a food experience at the Corno Bianco Restaurant and then continue the evening in the Im Land Bierstube.

A sensory journey through the world of wellness, in the welcoming and relaxing setting of Acqua Bianca SPA. The Resort is a reference star in the sky of MIRA Hotels for alpine stays in the name of wellness, health, and fun in the open air.

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