Tourism and language are an inseparable combination because in order to promote, attract, inform and increase the value of a tourist destination, tourism needs a language that builds reality in positive terms and paves the way for the veritable tourist activity, as an invisible guide.

Have you ever noticed? The technical terminology of tourism is made up of components drawn from everyday language together with specifically- devised elements referring to the most specialised concepts. The main fields are:

  • Geography (description of places, surroundings, and monuments etc.)
  • Economics (tourist market, market strategies, etc.)
  • Sociology (definitions of pushing factors and types of tourism)
  • Psychology (tourists’ perception of the environment)

Before deciding the next place to visit, the foreign tourist comes into contact with the destination first of all through translation, which works as a link between different linguistic and cultural systems.

At MIRA Hotels & Resorts we care to meet the needs of our international guests. Therefore, we translate our contents into multiple languages, currently in English and German.

This allows us to communicate not only the simple descriptions of our Resorts and services offered, but also to make foreign readers perceive the values of the group’s philosophy in an effective way.

One of the most challenging issues in the realm of translation is translating idioms.
It’s usually impossible to provide a literal translation for idioms because of their uniqueness. It’s essential that the translator knows the cultural background of the source language and the target language in order to convey the function of the phrase and not the words.

Here are 5 idioms that can be useful while travelling and the related Italian translation:

  1. To be off the beaten track – Trovarsi in mezzo al nulla
  2. To live out of a suitcase – Vivere sempre con la valigia pronta
  3. To have forty winks – Schiacciare un pisolino
  4. The world is your oyster – Il mondo è nelle tue mani
  5. To hit the road – Mettersi in marcia

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