A round of golf, a glass of wine and the beautiful colours and scents of Salento. It is not just a dream, it is reality! 

For the next season 2021 Acaya Golf Resort & SPA has developed two exclusive GOLF & WINE packages, which include an 18-hole green feetastings and guided tours in some of the most beautiful typical Masserie in the area. After spending a day between swing and waggle strokes, let yourself be seduced by a food and wine journey full of authentic flavorscolours and scents among the Apulian vineyards. 

Located in the beautiful Salento and set in a green landscape filled with olive treesAcaya Golf Club is one of the most suggestive golf courses in Italydesigned by the infamous American studio Hurdzan / Fry. 

The 18-hole par 71 course is 6,192 metres long and it is suitable for both professional golfers and amateurs who want to test themselves. 

The variety of the design, constantly searching for the perfect harmony between the natural characteristics of the ground, urges players to use all fourteen sticks of the bag, offering a varied and exciting challenge that does not exclude an unexpected turn of events. 

The fairway grass, using a strong, dense American Bermuda grass seed, guarantees that the ball will float extremely well along the surface for shots that are always sharp and clean. On the both sides, a mixture of four types of fescue ripples at natural height. For the greens, two varieties, A4 and A1, of agrostis stolonifera palustris have been used: a composition that has about twice the number of stems in the grass than conventional Penncross. 

For more information you can contact the booking office at +39 0832 861385 or at the email address 

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