Anyone who cares about the care of their hair knows how crucial the moment of drying is. Drying is not only a moment of relaxation and comfort, but it is an act of preparation of the hair to the fold that starts precisely by removing moisture.

Although the moment can be relaxing, it must be very careful at all stages of the process, in fact the hair can be damaged by chemical agents used during washing, but also by a wrong drying.

Here, then, are some guidelines and rules to respect the nature of the hair, making them strong and beautiful, avoiding damage and weaken them with wrong practices.


The towel can become a weapon in the wrong hands. Perhaps it is exaggerated, but should be considered as such in the drying phase. First of all, choose your towel carefully. Password: softness.

Avoid choking the hair by making a comfortable turban around the head. The turban is fine but must be kept maximum 15 minutes and as soft as possible.

Another practice to avoid is the convulsive rubbing of the hair: take the time you need and pat them always gently, to avoid damaging them because of the hurry.


Tell me how you dry your hair and I’ll tell you who you are. The moment of drying determines the difference between a good styling and a damaged hair.

The hair dryer, therefore, requires a winning team of brushes and products that must be chosen with care. We at Italianflair recommend Ethè products, a fantastic brand of professional hair products, essential for a guaranteed result. The best product for this stage of drying is definitely the milk-cream Protective Thermal Ethè that with a few drops will soften your hair, simplifying the hairstyle and detangling the knots in a fluid way.

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At this point, it seems that a clean brush is enough to comb the hair and proceed with drying. But there is still something that can be done to improve the practice.

If you have the possibility to use a negative ion hair dryer, success is assured. In fact, the negative ions break the molecules of water thickened in the form of moisture on the hair by halving the drying time and consequently the thermal shock.


To sum up, using a soft towel, a negative ion hair dryer, a clean brush and Ethè hair products are all you need to achieve optimal and enviable results with healthy and durable hair.

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