Wine therapy or wine therapy, is a treatment oriented to the health and well-being of the person through the use of specific properties contained in grapes; in fact, there is no need to drink wine to enjoy the benefits. Not everyone knows that wine can be used in different ways, not just to be drunk. Wine therapy is a treatment aimed at the health and well-being of people thanks to the use of the properties contained in grapes. Grape-based treatments are certainly not born now. They were, in fact, practiced by the ancient Arab populations, by the ancient Romans, but also in ancient Greece. The ancients, therefore, were not only wine drinkers, but also used this tasty nectar for other purposes. It is said, for example, that Cleopatra already used it as an element for massages.


  • Slows down the skin senescence process;
  • Combats oxidative stress of epithelial cells;
  • Reduces lymphatic stasis and promotes microcirculation;
  • Fights the onset of water retention;
  • Anti-fatigue and moisturizing action.


Many of you may be wondering where to take advantage of this fantastic treatment because it is true, nowadays, despite being a very well-known “therapy”, it is not found in all spas. That’s why I recommend the spas that are right for you. First of all, it is possible to do wine therapy throughout Italy, from Piedmont to Sicily, but in particular at all the SPA of MIRA Hotels & Resorts.

At Borgo di Luce I Monasteri Golf Resort & SPA, Acaya Golf Resort & SPA, Riva Toscana Golf Resort & SPA and Alagna Mountain Resort & SPA, thanks to the ISHI line of creams, customers enjoy this unique and inimitable treatment every year. ISHI products fully embrace the idea of a new cosmetics, a vision based on the ethical principles of eco-sustainability, demonstrating how it is possible to obtain valuable results from raw materials so far considered waste.

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