Over time, the meaning of sustainability has taken on various declinations and has evolved, as a result, over the years. Initially the term simply referred to ecology and respect for the environment, but over time the semantic areas affected have expanded.

An important contribution to the definition of sustainability was made by the UN, during its first conference on the environment in 1992, which defines it as: “condition of a development model able to ensure the satisfaction of the needs of the present generation without compromising the possibility of future generations to realize their own.” This definition places at the centre, the importance of carrying out conscious and respectful actions, especially in the medium and long term.

Sustainability currently revolves around three elements, environmental, economic and social. Specifically:
– environmental sustainability means responsibility in the use of resources;
– economic sustainability is the ability to generate income and work;
– social sustainability the care of safety, health and justice.


More and more companies are embracing the principle of sustainability and are turning it into a competitive advantage for their profitability. It is therefore becoming a key element for creating a supportive image, reducing costs, and creating a healthy business over time.

An example of a company that, in recent years, is increasingly aiming at sustainability is MIRA Hotels & Resorts. Right from the start he paid attention to recycling, reducing energy waste, excessive use of plastic, the use of organic products and much more. To date, MIRA Hotels & Resorts is constantly improving and evolving.

From the installation of a private water treatment plant that allows wastewater treatment for irrigation of the golf course of Riva Toscana Golf Resort & SPA to the highest standard standardized in all the courses of the group, maintained without the use of pesticides and fungicides and following biological protocols already active, the company proves to have successfully taken an increasingly green direction. We have always paid great attention to sustainability within the business. Aware of the fact that attention to environmental sustainability will certainly require an important renewal, MIRA is looking forward to achieving this goal. Already to date, in all MIRA structures there is a particular attention to the use of paper, the use of which is progressively reduced from year to year thanks to the continuous investment in digital technologies.

Another goal for 2022 will be to make, as much as possible, all structures “plastic free”. The first step to achieve this goal is to replace all the plastic bottles in all golf courses with aluminum bottles by providing filtered water and energy drinks.

All the staff of MIRA Hotels & Resorts is honored to participate in this project and acts constantly respecting the values of the group with an increasingly green ethic. Having respect for the environment is an important value that not everyone pays attention to and knowing that there are companies, such as MIRA, that focus on this aspect must be a great satisfaction for everyone.

The world is yours, respect it.


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