My concept of cooking is the pursuit of simplicity and the enhancement of raw materials so as to enhance the flavors and make them explode in the palate. The aim is to make the customer smile by projecting it into a small childhood memory. As far as teamwork is concerned, I think it is essential to value every single employee so that they can grow and encourage them to always give their best.

I am a very serious and punctual person at work even if in the early years I too have done some mischief; I love the concrete people who give themselves to do in work and in life.
My favorite sport is cycling and when I can I also go to see some stages of the tour in the Dolomites accompanied by my bike.

My favorite dish is just one, it is a typical winter dish that makes you feel warm on cold days: Initially starts with a bottom of celery carrots and onions and a nice bunch of spices, Once browned, add the main raw material and continue to brown and after we put some broth to cover, put a lid and let it cook for about 3 hours , and it is ready to be served in broth or even dry with grated Parmesan cheese. His majesty: the tripe! It’s the best way, along with a good red wine, to gather friends and spend an evening with friends.

I’ve prepared a recipe for you to serve as an appetizer.



  • 1 fillet of salmon trout;
  • 160 grams of salt; 
  • 120 grams of cane sugar;
  • 120g of granulated sugar;
  • Star anise; 
  • Orange blossoms to taste.

Marinate the salmon for 24 hours rinse and is ready to be cut finely.


The slices of scalloped trout finely arranged in the shape of a rosellina in the dish served with drops of cream flavored with lemon juice and to taste finely chopped chives teaspoon of caviar in the top of the rosellina to taste some aromatic herbs.

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