The Kneipp path takes its name from the German abbot Sebastian Kneipp who in the mid-1800s directly experienced the benefits of alternating hot and cold water on the body. The natural stimulus to which Kneipp relied most often was, in fact, water: for this reason, hydrotherapy is one of the most used systems by the Kneipp method. Over time, scientific studies and technological developments have made it possible to develop effective and sophisticated wellness programs, which offer numerous benefits.

The Kneipp path, is declined in different variants: the bath at increasing or decreasing temperature, the full bath, the sitz bath, the foot bath, the arm bath, the shower and the sweat bath (like the Turkish bath). The benefits of the Kneipp path have an immediate effect on the circulatory system and the immune system; the treatment tones and invigorates the body and has a draining effect that counteracts water retention and cellulite. To the beneficial effects of water, the Kneipp Method combines therapies based on a healthy and balanced lifestyle that include a balanced diet, moderate and regular physical activity.

Specifically, the Kneipp path is a particular circular path – carried out on a paving of river stones – along which jets of hot and cold water alternate up to knee height. The water temperature varies from 12-18 ° C to 36-38 ° C, while the irregular shape of the stones helps to “squeeze” the sole of the foot, favoring the return of venous circulation.


The vascular path is simply an evolution of the Kneipp path and consists of two parallel tanks containing water at variable temperatures (from 20 ° C to 34 ° C) and water jets with pressurized air arranged along the walls of the pools. Again, the pavement is made up of rounded stones. The beneficial effects of this path mainly depend on the alternation of water temperature, the massage performed by the hydrojets, the uneven flooring, but also on the resistance offered by the water, which translates into pleasant muscular work.

With just 20 minutes of walking, 10 minutes of relaxation on a comfortable bed, a draining herbal tea and relax is guaranteed!

This type of Kneipp path can be found in various SPAs, wellness centers and SPA resorts, such as the new Riva Toscana Golf Resort & SPA. Modern and elegant, welcoming and comfortable, relaxation at Riva Toscana knows no bounds. Entering the large 260sqm Naturae SPA you will perceive the same Tuscan charm that characterizes our entire Resort, enjoying all the comforts of a professional spa: the collaboration with Starpool has created a unique space with sauna, steam bath, Kneipp, emotional showers, ice fall and the exclusive Zero Body bed that give the wellness area a refined and high quality character.

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