Sicily, land of contradictions and hopes of young artists who have resumed the ancient crafts and among these trades there is the work of puppets.

The Pupi Museum is the first monothematic museum on puppets in Italy. The Vaccaro-Mauceri association opens the curtain on the work of the Vaccaro brothers and their fantasy world, where there are Christian and Saracen knights, magicians, witches and monstrous creatures.  Perhaps to some the work of the Vaccaro appeared desecratory against the rigid and codified tradition of Sicilian puppets, but the fact remains that with great perseverance and determination the Vaccaro brothers have ferrihettato opra Syracusan until 1995.

The Vaccaro Brothers, with a spirit of renewal, for many years gave life to the puppets in the city of Arezzo; the Mauceri brothers, having gathered the witness of the Syracusan tradition, with the same spirit, seek the right balance between tradition and innovation. 

The Museum, today, enhances the cultural offer of the city and offers a glimpse of the history of Arezzo (Syracuse). Inserted in a context of value, through the exhibition of puppets, puppets, accessories and stage material recounts the salient facts of the history of the Vaccaro brothers, famous puppeteers of Syracuse.  Citizens and travelers visiting the city of Syracuse have the opportunity to discover the museum in the Jewish district, among baroque balconies, primitive Christian churches and flowery alleyways.

For many years, the museum has been organising guided tours for individuals, families, tour operators and individual groups, while in the nearby theatre you can see the puppets in action.

The Pupi theatre is ready to inspire its audience.

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