Flinggolf is a sport that can be easily started and mastered.

You can play it on any golf course and after only 10 minutes of practice and a quick smattering on the behavior and some simple basic rules you can already go on the real path.

You still use golf balls, but instead of hitting them with a golf club, you discard them using a single stick called FlingStick.

With a single FlingStik you can perform any type of launch.

The FlingStik is made so that you can collect the ball into some sort of mesh container, then throw it in the desired direction.

The throwing technique is very simple and personal to the preference of the player. Throwing the ball directly is much easier than golf and you never risk throwing it to hit it wrong or not hitting it at all as with golf.

You can make long and short shots according to need and situation.

Only on the Green the Flingstik can be used as a putter (minigolf)

Even the necessary clothes is not obligatory, but free, just be comfortable to move.

In short: easier, faster, less restrictive and thus more accessible and fun because you are still in the beautiful landscape of the golf course.

You can play alone but much better in the business (each player should have its own FlingStik) also with other golfers.



Alex created the FlingStick and founded FlingGolf with a mission to make 35,000 golf courses around the world more active and more fun for more people. Before starting New Swarm Sports to promote that mission, he worked in land conservation and outdoor recreation for most of his career. That included a stint as the CEO of an organization that brought sled dog racing back to Massachusetts in a major way and developing a popular running, kayaking, horseback riding, mountain biking event.

For Alex, it is all about helping people enjoy the great outdoors. Alex is married with two very active sons, and when they are not out on the course with the latest FlingStick, you’ll find them enjoying the open water.

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